We have four quality ranges of equipment in stock to cater for all abilities…

Blue ski range

This comfortable and easy to use range of ski is intended for novices and gentle skiers who use easy to intermediate slopes, green and blue runs.

Red ski range

The red range suits skiers of an intermediate level who use blue, red and black runs. This is our most popular range and we offer high-performance, multi-purpose, all mountain and freeride skis. This range will allow you to improve your technique over all types of terrain.

Black ski range

For the advanced skiers in search of something a little different, the black range is made for you. These skis are equipped with the latest technological advances for even more enjoyment on the mountain.

Platinum ski range

The platinum range is ideal for technical skiers looking to improve their carving skills on the piste. Using the ski’s technology to your advantage will allow you to drive the ski forward with absolute precision.

Snowboard range

For snowboard lovers, we offer a substantial range of equipment to suit all abilities.

Ski touring range

Both ascent and descent by ski! Ski Touring is a big trend this season and we encourage you to try it, explore the mountain at your leisure and enjoy the sense of freedom Ski Touring brings.

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